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Friend or Foe?

Does anyone recognize this rascal?


It’s growing like a weed, so I’m fairly sure it is one, but there is actually a group of three of them — just as though I planted them.  Of course, I have no memory at all of planting anything there.  I am letting them get bigger, hoping flowers will pop out eventually so I can ID them, but if they get much bigger I may have to use heavy equipment to uproot them.  So … pull them now, while I’m still young, or wait and see?

Update: June 13

I know that my millions of followers have been on tenterhooks since I posted this, agonizing with me while I tried to decide what to do, so here’s the scoop.  I found out this morning that the plants are Rudbeckia triloba.

Rudbeckia triloba

Too bad I pulled them yesterday.  Yep, I pulled perfectly good plants that I had started from seed last year and would love to have seen blooming.  That’s what a lousy memory will do for you.  Oh, well, water over the dam, spilled milk, and all that.  Next time I’ll put a label by them, if I remember.