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My Home-built Walk-in Cooler

Needing a way to keep cut flowers fresher longer, I decided that I had to have a cooler.  Commercial ones reportedly cost thousands of dollars, so one of them was not in the cards for me.  There are quite a few success stories to be found for the  CoolBot air conditioner controller, as well as some information about how to build a cooler, so that’s the route I took.  My basement is big, and made of poured concrete inside insulating concrete forms.  These forms have two inches of Styrofoam on the outside and inside of the concrete walls, so it seemed like a good idea to build the cooler into a corner of the basement and take advantage of the two already cool and insulated walls.

It’s done.

In testing the air conditioner and CoolBot I found that it got down to 40 F in maybe five minutes, so I think it will do the job, come summertime.  I’ll post back here when I know more.

This is about what I spent:  Foam- $200, Lumber – $70,  CoolBot – $299, Door-$120, Air conditioner – $100.  Throw in assorted screws and nails, plastic sheeting and two cans of spray foam and it probably totals around $850.

If you would like to see building details, click My Homemade Cooler