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Weird Craspedia

I’m trying craspedia globosa for the first time and it’s been interesting.  The seeds are kinda strange-looking to start with, all covered with light-colored fuzz.  And when they soak up some water, they expand a bit and the fuzz swells until it looks more like tiny quills than fuzz.  Germination  brings more strangeness, at least in some cases.  A number of the sprouts appear to have confused roots; instead of driving their tip downward through the planting mix, the leaves are hoisted upward, with the root growing on the wrong end and getting longer and longer above the surface.  At least that’s what it looks like to me.  See what you think.

Root Growing Backward?

Root Growing Backward?

You can see the normal seedlings in surrounding cells.  Another name for the plant is golden drumstick.  I’m hoping they will look good in bouquets of sunflowers and zinnias when they grow up to look like this:


3/12/2010 … After thinking about this more, I believe what happened to some of the seedlings is that the growing root ran into a solid piece of something in the mix and was stopped dead.  In agreement with Newton’s third law of motion, the force of the growing root pushed the leafy section upward rather than the root tip going downward.  This year, I’ll be using a seed starter mix with finer particles in it, and we’ll see if that helps.  I’m not sure why craspedia was so susceptible to this effect, as I did see it in a few other types of seedlings as well, though not to as great an extent.