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The Day Before Market

After two weeks of selling mostly basil plants because that’s all I had, it’s nice to have enough flowers to actually need buckets to hold them.

The yellow lilies are Latvia, and I don’t know what the other ones are.


The daisies are Highland White Dream.

A favorite of mine is heliopsis, and it always comes through for me.  If it came in pink and blue I’d have half my field in it. There are also a few centaurea macrocephala sticking their fuzzy yellow heads out and exactly two pink snaps.

Heliopsis and friends

The lilies don’t look too shabby in a vase with a little bupleurem and baptisia foliage.

Latvia Lilies

All together, not what you would call a truckload of flowers, but worth the trip to the market, especially with some basil plants to help take up the slack.


Flowers-a-poppin’? Not Exactly.

As always in the garden, there is good news and bad news.

Sweet Williams are blooming up a storm, but a few more decorative peppers are disappearing every day.

Bells of Ireland are starting to send up stems with bells, but quite a few celosia have been bent by the wind.

The first planting of sunflowers is nice and thick, but I had to replant in the gaps to get them that way. No more using the Earthway seeder for suns!

My new Highland White Dreams daisies have quite a few blooms, but it has been so chilly that only a few are open. Hope I have some for Saturday’s market.

This is my only row of producing flowers at this time.

Sweet Williams

Sweet Williams

I have sold some to a local florist and some at the farmers’ market.  At the market, I made bouquets that sold well.

Sweet Williams and Rye

Sweet Williams and Rye

Can we please have some warmer weather now?  (I’ll probably be sorry I wrote that.)