Corner Garden Re-do


A low boxwood hedge was becoming an overgrown pain.  The roots had expanded so far and were so thick that they were choking off anything within four feet. Here’s an early picture of the garden before the boxwood became obnoxious.

Corner Garden2 6 14 06

And eleven years later from a different angle we have this.


The boxwood is sprawling onto the sidewalk, which I actually like, but is also encroaching on garden space, and worse, the roots are going even farther, strangling plants that I don’t want strangled. There’s no sign of the little rock wall that you can see in the first photo.

Time to let John Deere rip them all out with a bucket and chain. Sorry there is no picture of the actual ripping.  I hadn’t thought of documenting this until I got to the point you see here.IMG_0711

No mercy was shown. And Hey, there are all those rocks that were hidden.

I ran the rototiller around a few times to tear up all the roots left behind. Not very good looking soil, right?


When the house was built, I didn’t have the foresight to have the excavators make the topsoil deeper in this area, so what we got was maybe six inches of topsoil over pure sand.  Every time I’d put a new plant in, I would dig out a good-sized hole and add a bunch of compost, but there is still a lot of sand down there.  Sure does drain well, though.

Since I now had the chance and and a  tractor to do it, I thought I’d dig out a bunch of sand.


Raking it back flat again gave me this.


Now for the good stuff: compost from my local county recycling people.  $20 a cubic yard, which is what I have in the truck


Unfortunately, the tractor can’t do everything.  Sometimes you just have to use a shovel.



Some hand raking and voila!


Look at all that room! I’m not sure what I’m going to put in there, but I have all winter to think about it.  It’ll be more fun than thinking about the cold and snow.


I have some good-sized rocks, so I thought I’d add a couple in what I hope is a good spot.  Delivery by Mr. Deere, of course.


I have a huge hosta in a different spot and I grabbed a hunk of it to put in front of the rocks. I like it. Hoping it fills out next year.



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