New Flower Bed 3

Still digging up perennials and moving them to the new bed.  I have way more lambs’ ears than anyone needs.

Digging lambs' ears

Digging lambs’ ears

Stachys, liatris, achillea, and Japanese maple

Stachys, liatris, achillea, lilies and Japanese maple

There’s now some veronica in at the other end.

Veronica, baptisia, and catmint

Veronica, baptisia, and catmint

Unless I think of something more, that’s probably about it for perennials.  The rest will be filled in with annuals that are waiting in the greenhouse.

Almost ready.

Foxgloves, coleus, dahlia coccinea, and gomphrena

Zinnias, snaps

Zinnias, snaps, and cosmos, plus a few other things

I’m hoping that our frosty nights are behind us, but I’ll be cautious and wait a few more days to put these in.

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  1. Wonderful choices! This will be beautiful. What a lovely thing to enjoy.

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