Friend or Foe?

Does anyone recognize this rascal?


It’s growing like a weed, so I’m fairly sure it is one, but there is actually a group of three of them — just as though I planted them.  Of course, I have no memory at all of planting anything there.  I am letting them get bigger, hoping flowers will pop out eventually so I can ID them, but if they get much bigger I may have to use heavy equipment to uproot them.  So … pull them now, while I’m still young, or wait and see?

Update: June 13

I know that my millions of followers have been on tenterhooks since I posted this, agonizing with me while I tried to decide what to do, so here’s the scoop.  I found out this morning that the plants are Rudbeckia triloba.

Rudbeckia triloba

Too bad I pulled them yesterday.  Yep, I pulled perfectly good plants that I had started from seed last year and would love to have seen blooming.  That’s what a lousy memory will do for you.  Oh, well, water over the dam, spilled milk, and all that.  Next time I’ll put a label by them, if I remember.

Comments on: "Friend or Foe?" (2)

  1. Be glad you pulled the Rudbeckia Triloba!! Unless you don’t mind them taking over EVERYWHERE! I. planted some (3 plants to be exact) on the south of my property and the following spring, it was everywhere even on the north side. Birds, bees, wind took it everywhere. It is a fantastic “filler” but plant it wisely and away from everything else!!

    • So maybe I dodged a bullet there, huh? I haven’t been moved to try it again and I think it’s just as well.

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