Drip Tubing Going In

The reels of drip tape came out of the barn today as I started the yearly job of hooking it all up.  If there is anything handier around the garden than a tractor with a loader, I have yet to meet it.  Just raise the bucket up to the barn loft, roll a couple of reels of drip tape in, and drive it out to the field.  No humping the reels down the ladder or wheelbarrowing them out for me.  No sirree.  Let Johnny Deere do the heavy lifting.

My friend

I changed the length of my flower beds this year for more uniformity and that meant none of my old drip tapes were the right lengths.  I’m slow anyway, but the cutting and joining needed to get the 100 foot lengths I wanted slowed me down even more, and it took a good chunk of the day to get done what you see below.

Boring pic, I guess, but it sure looks sweet to me.

Notice the nice pile of rocks — my most reliable crop.

It would have been nice to just buy a mile of new tape and throw away the old stuff, but who has that kind of money?  Besides, it doesn’t seem too earth-friendly.  We gardeners are nothing if not earth-friendly, even though the earth seems not always friendly to us.

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