Sowing My Oats

They’re not wild oats, but probably as wild as I am likely to get at my age.  The soil in my field is fairly sandy and awfully short on organic matter.  I have been putting winter rye in every fall and oats in the summer, and tilling them under to help build the soil at least a little bit.  I don’t have enough land, or, more to the point,  make enough money, to think about buying a grain drill, but I did get a tow-behind spreader that works well with my lawn tractor.


Before Discing

Before Discing

After spreading the oats ($10.95 for a 50 lb bag) last Friday, a light discing buried the oats well enough so I should get pretty good germination.

Big John and Little John

Big John and Little John

I tried buckwheat one summer, which I thought would do more for the soil, but it turned out that it actually did more for the deer.  They loved it and kept it mowed very short all summer, but the oats – not so much.

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