Bulb Auger 2

I used the bulb auger a couple of weeks ago to put in some Dianthus Amazon plants, and it worked pretty well.  Though I suppose  some would laugh at this, I used a 100 ft. tape measure to space them.  It’s actually an easy way to get a straight line and correct spacing at the same time.  Plus, it rolls up in a jiffy, which is more than I can say for a string and a stick.

Nice and neat, don't you think?

Nice and neat, don't you think?

I still had to bend over to set the plants in the holes, but it didn’t seem to take as long.

In and watered.

In and watered.

Thirty plants in – a couple thousand to go.

Update, June 16:  Now that I’ve put in all of my plants that were grown in 72 and 36 cell trays, I have a different view of the bulb auger.  It is just too slow for that kind of work.  I can make a hole with one flick of a trowel that is plenty deep to set a plant in.  Twelve flicks take about thirty seconds, using the trowel itself as a spacing guide, and I’m ready to pop the plants in and cover them.  It’s true that I have to be bent over to do everything then, but I just shuffle along on my knees and it’s not too hard on my back.

Now I am looking longingly at jab-type transplanters.

Transplanters from Johnny's

Transplanters from Johnny's

Maybe if this is a good year at the market…

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