Bulb Auger

I got a chance to use my new bulb auger today to put in some liatris corms.  Lowes was having a half-price sale on spring bulbs so I picked up 40 liatris corms for $4.98 and some gladiolus and dahlias too.  The auger was so cool.  bulbauger2Ziiiipp, and there was a hole.  Ziiiipp, ziiiipp, ziiiipp, ziiipp, … and there was a whole row of holes.  Drop the bulbs in, rake dirt over them, tamp it a little, and presto, it was done.    I had the row all done before I thought about it being a photo opportunity, so all I have are a couple of photos showing just the auger.

bulbauger4My real purpose in getting the auger was for transplants, because I don’t really do all that many bulbs.  Most of my starts are grown in 72 cell trays, plus a few 36s.  I think the holes made by the auger will be just the right size for dropping little plants into.

Buying the auger is a little story all by itself.  While visiting friends in Portland, Oregon, we were told that we had to see this place where a man sold hand-made gardening tools.  The man is Bob Denman, and his business is called Red Pig Garden Tools.  If you’re ever near Portland (actually closer to the town of Boring), try to find the place and talk to Bob.  He is a blacksmith and has lots of seriously substantial garden tools that he makes, plus a big selection of good quality commercially made tools.  If he doesn’t have it, he’ll make it, and if it’s not right for you, he’ll tweak it until it is.  Bob is a good talker, too, and has a modest old tool museum upstairs that I really enjoyed.  After spending a good hour there, I had to buy something and the bulb auger caught my eye, though, sadly, Bob didn’t make it in his blacksmith shop.

Red Pig Tools has a website, so you can check that out, though it won’t be as much fun as talking to Bob.

Comments on: "Bulb Auger" (2)

  1. Carol Miskin said:

    Amazing that you would mention Bob Denman and Red Pig Tools. I just saw a story on him, must’ve been on HGTV. His handmade tools were beautiful works of art, strong and sturdy.


  2. thinmac said:

    That is quite a co-inky-dink, Carol. I didn’t happen to catch that show, though maybe they’ll run it again sometime. When we were there, he spent a surprising amount of time just talking to us and showing us around – as though he had nothing else to do, which I’m sure couldn’t possibly be true.

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