Started So Far

Unless you’re into plant lists, this won’t be the most fascinating thing you’ve ever read, but maybe there are some people who like to know this kind of thing, mostly other flower sellers, I suppose.  At this point, about a month before our probable last frost date, these things have been sown, in addition to those I mentioned in previous posts.

Snapdragons, Rocket Mix

Monarda panoramagreenhouse421b

Ageratum, blue and white


Centaurea macrocephela

Tanacetum, Crown White

Cosmos, Versailles

Amaranthus, Autumn’s Touch

Amaranthus, Opopeo

Way back on April 4 I planted some bachelor buttons (Centaurea cyanus) and  Bells of Ireland in the cold, cold ground of the field and the BBs have been up now for about a week.  Those little seeds just amaze me.

I’ll be starting celosia and a few other things next week.  I learned a lesson about celosia last year, starting it eight weeks before last frost in 72 plug trays.  The plants grew pretty fast, got really crowded roots and even dried out a time or two (my fault, of course).  They weren’t good for much after that, but did manage to make some usable plumes by late August.  I’m hoping that starting celosia four weeks before last frost will be just the ticket this year.

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