No Greens Yet

Winter blew in about three weeks early this year.  At first I thought Mother Nature was just teasing us, as she likes to do in November with some here-this-week-and-gone-the-next snow, but no, she meant business this time — lots of snow and shiver-me-timbers cold.

With no sun to speak of, I haven’t tried growing anything in the greenhouse yet.  There is one forlorn little left over campanula just sitting on the shelf awaiting it’s fate.  We’ll see what happens to it.

There really is a little plant in the tray.

There really is a little plant in the tray.

It’s been a little bit surprising to see that, even on cloudy days, it stays warmer in the unheated greenhouse than outside.  Today, for example, it is 24 F outside, yet inside, it is still above freezing.

A little cold for growing?

A little cold for growing?

At least the snow is pretty.  I took this shot looking out the door of the greenhouse a few days ago.

A Snowy Day

A Snowy Day

Someday, the greenhouse will be living up to its name, but not for a while, I’m afraid.

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  1. The more you cram inside, the warmer it will stay. I just brought my potted tulips out of the fridge and into the GH. I potted some things that survive outside to see if they would bloom inside, like daylilies. I even dug a gerbera daisy the other day.

    I would be ‘decorating’ the floor from your abundance of stones — more thermal mass. You could go ahead and fill pots and trays with soil or seed starting mix. Just water well with warm water before planting.

    Like nature, I abhor an empty space, lol.

  2. That all makes sense to me, Nell. I have seventy gallons of water in five gallon buckets waiting to go out there, but with little sun, I haven’t bothered yet. Today is a bright sunny day for a change, and though it’s only 18 F outside, it is 75 in the greenhouse, at least at the level of the plant shelves. I will be wrapping the buckets in black plastic garbage bags, thanks to your suggestion.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. The cat and I had lunch in the GH today. Well, I had a sandwich and tea and the cat had crumbs of Monterey Jack from my sandwich. He chewed on the lemon grass for a while and then lay down for a nap while I made sure nothing wanted a drink and all tropicals were moved to the middle.

    It was 36 degrees outside (a cold day for us) when we went out there while the GH was a toasty 78. It does have a function besides growing plants — a place to play where it is warm.

  4. That sounds awfully good to me Nell. My little empty greenhouse was 34 degrees inside today, which isn’t too horrible considering that it’s about 10 outside. I’m still waiting to get into sunnier days before I try putting any plants out there. February is usually fairly sunny, for winter.

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